Real People. Real Stories.

What is Journeys Unscripted all about?

Everyone loves a good story. God made us that way. Humans are natural storytellers. We are wired to understand through narrative, and nothing makes an impression like a great story. Whether our greatest triumphs, most humbling defeats, or just the mundane happenings in life, stories are how we tell the world. That is why God uses stories to speak to us.

Stories are even more powerful when they’re true. Heroes might be interesting in a novel or TV show, but real-life feats of heroism? Now those are stories worth telling. Drama, suspense, conflict, and plot-twists are par for the course in works of fiction, but when we know that those happened in real life, to a real person—it affects us on a deeper level. We connect and we relate when a story is true.

Journeys Unscripted is a place where you can hear just such real stories of real people. Stories of people who have been where you are. Stories of tragedy. Of victory. Of hope. Do you need some inspiration? Are you looking for answers? Longing for something deeper? Know that you’re not alone. Take a walk with these individuals on their unscripted journeys, and you just might meet the Divine Author who wants to write your story too.

Who runs Journeys Unscripted?

Journeys Unscripted is operated by the AudioVerse team. AudioVerse is a religious nonprofit media ministry that has been distributing free Bible-based media online since 2005. From free audio Bibles, audio books, sermons, lectures, seminars, children stories and more, AudioVerse provides material appropriate for the whole family to get to know Jesus more.

What if I’d Like to Learn More?

If the stories from Journeys Unscripted has inspired you to learn more about God and the Bible, you can sign up for free Bible studies at our Bible Study Sign-up page.

You can also use our contact page to get in touch with our team directly if you have other questions.